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Inside Maps act as the “cornerstone” for a diverse set of businesses. We have designed the MagicPlan Partner Program, wherein our software enables other companies to access and leverage inside maps.
Your App

MagicPlan can become "your app":

You can have your own "Send to" button in the export section. When one of your user taps this button, his map is directly sent to your server.

You can customize the objects added to a map and include your own symbols with their pricing, comments, custom data, picture, etc.

You can customize our main property screen (the one where you enter the property address) to include your own 'survey' (project id, client information, specific technical data, etc.)

You can include some branding such as replacing the MagicPlan logo by your logo in the app.

(Export & Symbols customizations may be visible to some, or all, MagicPlan users - based on partner preference).
How do we customize?
Customization happens via the MagicPlan account. Via the account, MagicPlan identifies that a user is attached to you and then loads the appropriate data so that it is customized as described above.

To create an account, there are several solutions. A user could for example create a MagicPlan account from your web site.
Data Transmission
MagicPlan sends you the inside maps in JPEG, PDF, DXF, CSV and Web formats. The PDF can be customized with your logo, contact info, etc.

The survey data is available in a csv format.

You can also access to the MagicPlan low level data structure (xml file) and convert this xml into something compatible with your own data structure.


MagicPlan is also available as an SDK and you can call MagicPlan modules via APIs.
That way MagicPlan can be integrated into your own app and your users can create inside maps directly from within your application.

The SDK access is limited to companies with development experience, and is currently iOS-only.
Okay . . . so what’s the bottom line?

Please contact us at, so that we may come up with the best solution to fit your needs.