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Main Benefits of MagicPlan CSI

- Sketching is faster and more accurate (less than 1 min per room).
- Smaller law enforcement agencies can now start drawing floor plans.
- Inside maps can be used for smaller cases.
Case Information

Specify a case number, an investigator name, an agency name, a date
& custom information.

Position items of interest on your sketch. A legend of all items
is added to your report.

To generate a report, data are sent to our secured Amazon server to generate the report. The report is sent to you via email and data is instantly destroyed from our server. So technically, data remains on our server only a few seconds (time necessary to generate the report). We do not store any data.

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Ad Hoc Measures

Report distances between objects.
CSI Report

1- A PDF document including a title block, inside maps, evidence list & notes.
2- JPEG images.
3- A DXF file to modify your sketch with a CAD software or SketchUp.
Click to view an example of a MagicPlan CSI report